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New York Senator Lashes Out Against "25 to Life"

Another day, another politician taking a stand against video game violence.

This time it is New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer (left), who is incensed about the upcoming Eidos title, 25 to Life. Due to be released in August for PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, 25 to Life allows the players the opportunity to play as either a gangster or a police officer.

Kotaku reported on the story this morning, and Senator Schumer has a press release on his website which refers to the game as an "all-time low."

Schumer called upon New York retailers to boycott the game, and for Sony and Microsoft to cancel their licensing deals with Eidos for 25 to Life.

"Little Johnny should be learning how to read, not how to kill cops," Schumer said. The bottom line is that games that are aimed and marketed at kids shouldn't desensitize them to death and destruction."

Richmond County District Attorney Daniel Donovan, Jr. added, "This is not a game to the men and women in our police services, but is a dangerous reality to those who put their lives on the line each day combating gang members and the guns and drugs that they peddle. As long as there is a profit to be made, these games will continue to be targeted to our communities. I am calling upon manufacturers and retailers to show some sensitivity to those who have fallen in the line of duty and stop producing and selling these obscene games."

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