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What Would Jesus Play?

We get a fair amount of chatter about religion here on GamePolitics. Sometimes, it even gets a little heated.

So we found Ryan Stone's piece in the student paper at North Greenville College an interesting read. NGC is a Southern Baptist liberal arts school in Tigerville, South Carolina.

In his column, Ryan (seen at left) mentions that last year his church's Halo tournament fund-raiser was scrubbed when someone complained about the violence in the M-game.

As Ryan explains it, "The church member cited many articles from Focus on the Family and other highly conservative publications, to basically say that playing Halo was unhealthy and not a Christian thing to do."

But later, Ryan began thinking about whether Jesus would indulge in some Halo multiplayer action.

"I think there is a line that is sometimes crossed in the making of video games," he writes, "but for the most part the violence doesn't bother me. I looked at Jesus and the many things he did that fought the conservative and religious people of the day, how he bucked the system and I wondered if I met Jesus would he come over and play a game that involved shooting people?"

Ryan concludes that the Son of Man would be up for it.

"...There is a feeling that video games bring up in males that make them feel like they could be the hero and actually save the world. Jesus, my Creator that gave me that urge to want to be the hero that saves the day, would most likely partake in a friendly game of Halo. He'd probably even beat me terribly and make me look like I'd never played. I'd even hope for a little humorous religious smack talking."

Not fair though, to use God mode...

Tags: game violence, god mode, halo, north greenville college, religion and games, religious gamers, ryan stone
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