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Michigan Guv Joins State Democrats in 25 to Life Boycott

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has joined the call for a boycott of Eidos' controversial cops-and-robbers shooter 25 to Life.

In a press release on her website, Granholm cites a letter sent to video game retailers in which she writes, "Taking this game off your shelves is not only the best way to ensure that it does not end up in the hands of children, it also sends a message of support to our law enforcement community that we will not support those who would profit from the production and sale of such games, no matter what the intended audience."

Last week, GamePolitics reported that Michigan's Democratic legislators introduced a resolution denouncing 25 to Life and likewise calling for a boycott. The resolution, introduced by Rep. Kathy Angerer, has been referred to a the Government Operations Committee of the Michigan House.

Michigan, of course, was one of three states to sign video game sale legislation into law last year. Gov. Granholm was the driving force behind the measure, which has been contested by the game industry on First Amendment grounds and is under temporary injunction. A critical federal district court hearing on the constitutionality of the game law is scheduled for March 22nd.

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