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Miami School Board Waters Down Thompson's Bully Bill

The Miami-Dade School Board today passed what the Miami Herald describes as a "watered-down" version of the resolution against Rockstar's upcoming Bully (screen shot at left). The idea for the school board to take action against the game was originally proposed by our old pal Jack Thompson.

Board member Frank Bolanos, the school board member who officially sponsored the resolution, described Bully as "violence of the worst kind."

GP: Based on that comment, it's clear Bolanos has never played Postal 2...

The original language in the resolution called for local retailers not to carry the game and parents not to buy it for their children. However amendments added during today's vote substantially weakened the resolution's bite.

As passed, the resolution urges retailers not to sell Bully to minors (so, simply follow the ESRB ratings, then) and directed the school district to distribute information to parents on "on the potential harmful effects to children of playing interactive video games containing violence."

Local student Alexander Robel opposed the school board resolution in any fashion, comparing it to censorship of controversial literature such as Catcher in the Rye .

"We have never hurt other students," Robel said. "It is no surprise to me that the school board in my very own county would fall into the trap of pointing fingers and assigning blame."

GP: Tough break for Jack's anti-game crusade when he can't get the full-strength version of the resolution passed in his own backyard.

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