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Nintendo DS Keeps Old Brains Working Like Young Brains

Nintendo said they were trying to reach new markets with the DS, and that they have - the elderly!

Mainici Daily reports Isamu Shishido, a 67-year-old Japanese retiree discovered Brain Training For Adults - or Brain Age to us westerners - not wanting to "end up some crazy old man ...I want to play a little everyday before going to bed."

The title has seen praise from doctors and neuropsychiatrists, almost universally noting that the game's light intelligence puzzles stimulate the brain and can offset dementia and Alzheimer's. "It's a good form of stimulation - especially for old people living alone,", said Kyoto doctor Takeshi Kihara.

Kihara's hospital even stocks DS systems for patients to use - "We've made ten Nintendo DS's available and they're almost always rented out.". The doctor even recommends that patients "of a certain age" buy themselves copies of the game to keep themselves stimulated at home.

The only catch with this, however, is that DS stocks have been running low in Japan since the release of the newly-reformed DS Lite. I just hope Mr. Shishido can remember to go out and get one later...

Reporting from the U.K., GP International Correspondent Mark Kelly

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I've noticed, both with family and with clients, that elderly who are active with today's modern technology (such as apt with PC's, play videogames, and generally keep up with technology) perform better with fitness related tasks when compared to those who do not.

I think a big portion for this advantage is that they are either better at/more willing to attempt/maybe more patient when attempting certain tasks. All the elderly (which seems to be primarily men in my experiences) that are in the videogame scene are so sharp mentally that they make me feel so inadequate and desperate to keep up. That's a good thing, though.
My Grandma basically kidnapped my DS when I had Polarium for a few days. She LOVED it. I couldn't get past the training parts.

She's asked for one for her birthday, and she'll be turning 78. She was so adorable playing with it, LOL. I'm getting it for her, of vouse... so I think I'll get her this game, too. And Tetris DS.
The only catch with this, however, is that DS stocks have been running low in Japan since the release of the newly-reformed DS Lite.

DS stocks have been nearly non-existant since New Years; it was hoped that the recent release of the Lite would alleviate that... but the entire first shipment of Lites sold out in only a couple hours. It's going to be a while yet before Nintendo's supply can catch up with the demand.
I'm an "older gamer" and have always said people my age should play, but they're so set in their ways it's unlikely it will ever happen. My suggetions are laughed off and I'm thought of as strange.

They've been great for me in many, many ways. I don't know about the Brain train game, though. My games of choice are FPS's. I'm female, too, just in case ol' JT wants to make something of this.
Lol naaa jt will just insult u and do his usual crap..its really become so simple now that we are able to figure out what he is going to say before he says it
WOOAH...sorry just got a taste of the JTite thang! ;p
So is this the same thing as Brain Training for Adults, or is this an entirely new game?

Deleted comment

It should be noted that most of those buying the DS lite don't appear to be gamers. When you look at the japanese game sales the DS dominates the charts with the brain training games selling 50,000 copies at least each week.

There is an English language trainer that is selling 50,000 copies a week and lots of college students in Japan are buying the DS and the non game if they have any english language classes.

There is another extremely popular DS non game in which you draw Japanese Kanji and get the defination. With 40,000 Kanji symbols in Japan people there often have to get out a book and look up the symbol. At home it's all right but when someone is on the go and sees an unfamiliar symbol on a product they may wish to buy it's a major annoyance to them.

The Cooking Mama game should also get a ton of people to the DS.

The Blue Ocean Strategy of the DS is working very well for Nintendo in Japan. I think after a year of the Brain Training games in the US and some other titles we will see the DS run out as well in stores. It took a year for the DS to explode in Japan. Heck the lines right now for any store that is rumored to have DS in stock there makes the launch look like small potatoes.

Meanwhile tons of xbox 360s are unloved on store shelves and stores refuse to take in used ones since they have so many.
It's almost assured to fail in the good old USA.

We Americans have a special talent of being stupid, it's like our X-Men secret power.
It would really open up games to more adults. And would easily convince people that games aren't the work of the Devil.

Hurry up, Nintendo.
...with this would be the brightness and resolution of the DS. Not owning one myself, I couldn't know, but if it's comparable to my iPaq, it might be trouble for some more elderly gamers. My parents are not of retirement age yet, but (due to myopia running strong in my family) still have trouble reading text on my handheld's screen. (Its SNES emulator is completely beyond them.)

That being said, I think this kind of game really capitalizes on that demographic - sharp minds in older bodies like to have that kind of exercise - and it's good for them. Nintendo has, quite possibly, acheived what Jobs acheived with the iPod.
When was the last time they had their eyes checked? You would be surprised at how a good hospital can fix the eyes of the elderly. Especially if said hospital is known for it's vision clinic.

The DS lite has a very bright screen compared to the DS.
Actually, Nintendo has been doing a lot to break the mold and make very uniqe games that non-gamers will play with, most of which are non-violent. For instance, Harvest Moon is primarily on nintendo systems, there's Pikmin, Nintendogs, Chibi Robo, various puzzle games, etc.

Maybe we should pitch in to send Jacko a DS and he'll finally realize games rock and that he should STFU.