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Postal Blamed for Moscow Rampage

A Postal player apparently went, well, postal.

Next Generation is reporting that a man who stabbed eight people in a Moscow synagogue was apparently a big fan of Running with Scissors' ultra-violent shooter, Postal.

20-year-old Alexander Koptsev, who told a rabbi just before the attack, "I came here to kill," had also been reading anti-Semitic literature. Koptsev's father said, "My son has never been a member of any religious or political organizations. I think that he could see all those Nazis, extremists and skinheads only on TV."

The Russian newspaper Kommersant has more information on Koptsev. A Reuters report, however, doesn't mention the video game angle at all. Instead, Jewish leaders expressed concern over a wave of recent violence against Jews and other ethnic minorities

"To blame this on lone mad people is dangerous, because these mad people could explode the whole country," said Borukh Gorin, of the Russian Federation of Jewish Organizations. "Blood is flowing: the blood of Jews, the blood of Africans. It is all red. And by the laws of social science, other blood will flow too," he added.

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