Game Politics (gamepolitics) wrote,
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A Jack Thompson Buffet

What's that? You say you want more Jack Thompson news?

Too bad - you're getting it anyway...

First, Jack's book Out of Harm's Way is now available through online retailers. It should be on the shelves in bookstores within a day or two. You can read the first chapter here.

Next, online mag The Escapist has a profile of the game-bashing attorney, written by scribe Dave Thomas. It's quite a good read. Best line: "Keeping track of Jack's activities is like trying to document an evening of binge drinking for an entire fraternity on a lost weekend in Vegas."

Finally, Thompson has petitioned Troy King, Attorney General of Alabama, to have PSP title GTA: Liberty City Stories declared a nuisance. The outspoken attorney complains to A.G. King that Take-Two is marketing what he describes as a "cop-killing game" on daytime T.V. during (unspecified) programs aimed at children. Some readers may recall that Thompson moved to have Rockstar's upcoming "Bully" declared a nuisance in Florida earlier this year. That matter is believed to be still pending.

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