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Jack Thompson to Gamers... Get a Life!

Jack Thompson was on CNN last night - briefly - in a slam piece on Midway's Blitz: The League. Afterward, in his usual conciliatory tone, he posted about the experience here on GamePolitics:

"Whom did CNN contact for a comment about Blitz: The League? They didn't contact Doug Lowenstein. They didn't contact the drooling cretins at Penny Arcade. They didn't even contact a single gamer, I guess because they wanted the truth.

They contacted Jack Thompson. Why? Because the "don't confuse me with the facts" gaming community (what's next, the marijuana community?) has nothing rational to say about the marketing of mature games to kids.

The purpose of the law in California is to say this: Parents, it is your job to make the decision on these games. We will not allow retailers to sell adult games to kids behind their parents' backs.

Wise up, gamers. The war was lost by you scofflaws a very long time ago. Even liberal CNN is on my side. Fondly, Jack Thompson

PS: Put down the controller and get a life!

UPDATE: Jack just added a comment: "Jack Thompson thanks you for watching, and not seeing anyone other than me in the piece. I didn't see Penny Aracade personnel there, nor any drooling gamers. Just little old me. Why? Because CNN knows what I'm talking about. This was my 14th appearance on CNN. Glad to be of service in annoying the pixelante pukes. "

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