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Here Come Da Game Judge...

With First Amendment court battles looming in California, Michigan, and Illinois, gamers may find it reassuring to learn that at least a few judges have been known to pick up a controller now and then.

Check out the excellent Under Their Robes, a gossipy blog about members of the federal judiciary.

Definitely worth a read, especially when you learn that Judge Richard Posner, who ruled in the Indianapolis video game case, checked out video footage of Mortal Kombat in making his decision to strike down the city's ban on minors playing violent video games. As Judge Posner wrote in an e-mail to UTR:

"I have not actually played Mortal Kombat, much as I would like to. I just saw a tape of it being played, which was part of the record of the Indianapolis case... I liked the female character [Sonya]. Someday I would like to write something about the 'killer woman' as a phase of feminism: I have in mind Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) in The Matrix, Sharon Stone in Total Recall, and the female robot [played by Kristanna Loken] in the third Terminator..."

UTR also makes the point that Judge Alex Kozinski loves games and has even authored reviews for no less than the Wall Street Journal.

"How cool is that?" asks UTR.

Very cool, GP must admit.

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